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The Silver Eagle Evaporative CoolChampions Cooling Vest is the ideal solution to the effects of intense heat on dogs, without excessive weight gain or bulkiness, pulling heat away and enhancing your dog's natural cooling process.

  • Activated in minutes with water and cools for hours
  • Limited weight gain when activated -- preserves the normal loft of the dog's coat
  • Precision-fit design ensures comfort and freedom of movement
  • No refrigeration required
  • Durable, quality construction for year-round use, year after year
  • No gels or ice
  • Elastic Velcro Straps for easy adjustment
  • Machine Washable
  • Worn dry,the vest provides an effective barrier to wind and cold.

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Greyhound Cooling Vests

- GRVQ Edition 5 / Oct-Dec 2011 page 35

With the onset of warmer weather, a number of questions arise in relation to the optional use of cooling vests for greyhounds. Following discussions with the GOTBA, the Stewards have now approved the use of Canine Cooling Vests on Raceday:

Trainers / Attendants will be permitted to use their own canine cooling vests at all times with their greyhounds, including when PARADING TO THE BOXES.

The decision of whether or not to use a canine cooling vest will rest solely with the Trainer / Attendant, who will also be responsible for the vest at all times.
Greyhound Adoption
Greyhound Book

Care of the racing and retried Greyhound

Care of the racing and retried Greyhound is an updated companion to the authors' first book, Care of the Racing Greyhound. This new book has many new illustrations and photos.
Anyone who owns a Greyhound....will benefit from the knowledge presented in this book.

Contact: Dr Des Fegan
Walnut Veterinary Clinic
(03) 5995 5255

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Soft Cover $50
Hard Cover $80

Heat Stress Protection for your Greyhound...

Silver Eagle CoolChampions

K9 Cool Champions cooling pet products help prevent overheating by creating artificial perspiration that actively pulls excess heat from the dog, lowering the dog's temperature and reducing the heavy panting that would otherwise unduly distress the dog.

Ideal for After Race Recovery and Travelling in the trailer.

**one size fits most Greyhounds ***
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...designed especially for the Greyhound and PROVEN...

Awards Won Best Dog Related Product 2009
Awards Won Best Retail Outlet 2010
Awards Won Best Dog Related Product 2011
Awards Won Best Dog Related Product 2012
Awards Won Best Retail Outlet 2013

All Silver cooling products (including CoolChampions Greyhound Cooling Vest) are made with a unique three-layer evaporative cooling fabric that works with the body's heat and tap water to improve upon the body's natural cooling process. Silver Eagle fabric can NOT be found in any other products.

The core of the fabric's functionality is also the core of the fabric's three-layer composition: special hydrophilic fibers (fibers that attract water) and hydrophobic fibers (fibers that reject water) are combined into a thin, lightweight batting. This batting is sandwiched between a breathable outer shell fabric and a thermally conductive, inner lining to form three layers. The result is a cooling composite that is designed to hold an optimal amount of moisture without becoming over-saturated or soggy. This controls the weight of the garment when activated and optimizes the evaporation properties of the fabric. No chemicals, gels, cords or refrigeration are required to activate the cooling process.


Soaking Silver Eagle products in water for five to fifteen minutes activates the cooling process, charging the hydrophilic fibers of the batting with moisture. The hydrophobic fill evenly distributes and surrounds the charged fibers with air, creating an ideal environment for evaporation.