Cooling Pet Products

k9 Cooling Vest

Dog Cool Coat for all Breeds

The Silver Eagle Cool Champions Cooling Vest/Cool Coat is a proven way to ensure continuous cooling in hot weather conditions for your pet. Ideal for travelling in hot trailers, aids Heat Stress and Dehydration. Designed for comfort and style to fit all breeds. Voted #1 Cool Coat - Dog Owners Choice Awards

Sizes: Toy to 3XL

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 cooling Mats for Dogs

Cooling Mats for Dogs and Cats

Cooling Mats for offer cooling relief without the use of gels or refrigerants, using instead the three-layer evaporative cooling material for which Silver Eagle Outfitters is known. Using regular tap water, the Cooling Mat is easily activated in a few minutes for hours of heat-relief for your dog or cat.

Sizes: XXS - XL

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cooling Blankets for Cats

Cooling Mat for Cats

The Silver Eagle Feline Evaporative Cooling Blanket is the ideal solution to the effects of intense heat on Cats. Made of a three-layer composite cooling fabric, the cooling mat is activated with water to serve as a lightweight cooler, pulling heat away from the cat and enhancing your cat's natural cooling process.

Sizes: XXS-S

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Arctic Horse Cooling Blanket

Cooling Evaporative Blanket for Horses

Silver Eagle Outfitters Arctic Horse Cooling Sheet is the ideal solution to the effects of intense heat on horses. Ideal for a quick cool down after competing. Just throw over the horse and hose. The blanket is completely free of garment-binding restriction.

Size: 105cm x 142cm (42" x 56")

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Oilskin Dog Jackets

100% Australian Oilskin Dog Coats

Australian Oilskin Dog Coats are fully lined with luxurious Sherpa Fleece to keep your dog warm and cosy.  Built to last for years, 100% Waxed Cotton Oilskin dog coats will keep your pet dry and strong enough to withstand the working life on the land.

Sizes: Toy to 3XL

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Silver Shade Mesh SCREENs

Silver Mesh Show Trolley and Marquee Walls

Reduce heat build-up inside your gazebo, show trolley/dog crate or roof. 70% shade factor controls more air circulation and provides uniform shade, keeping you and/or your dog cool. Secured by Velcro straps so nothing else is needed to attach them.

Silver Mesh Shade Panels

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