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Silver Eagle Cool Champions Evaporative Cooling Vest is the ideal solution to the effects of intense heat on dogs, without excessive weight gain or bulkiness, pulling heat away and enhancing your dog's natural cooling process. We specifically selected high-performance materials that are durable and can withstand the environments and conditions that our best friends are exposed to, and each product is completely machine washable. K9 Cool Champions cool coats help prevent overheating by creating artificial perspiration that actively pulls excess heat from the dog, lowering the dog's temperature and reducing the heavy panting that would otherwise unduly distress the dog. Ideal for all breeds.

  • Activated in minutes with water and cools for hoursdog cool coats
  • Limited weight gain when activated -- preserves the normal loft of the dog's coat
  • Precision-fit design ensures comfort and freedom of movement
  • No refrigeration required
  • Durable, quality construction for year-round use, year after year
  • No gels or ice
  • Elastic Velcro Straps for easy adjustment
  • Machine Washable
  • Worn dry, the vest provides an effective barrier to wind and cold

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Size Chart

Item Size Price inc GST
Toy-11 Toy-11 $62.90
K9-13 XXS $66.55
K9-14 XS $72.10
K9-17 S-17 $80.75
K9-19 S-19 $81.95
K9-Whippet W-23 $86.65
K9-21 M-21 $92.40
K9-24 M-24 $98.20
K9-28 L-28 $103.95
K9-XL XL $109.00
K9-34 2XL $113.00
K9-36 3XL $118.00

Frequently used at Dog Shows throughout Australia
Cools in the Heat and Warms when it's Chilly!
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International orders shipping to NZ, USA and Canada

Awards Best Dog Related Product 2009
Awards Best Retail Outlet 2010
Awards Best Dog Related Product 2011
Awards Best Dog Related Product 2012
Awards Best Retail Outlet 2013

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