Motorcyclist Cooling Gear

Men's Black Motorcyclist Cooling Vest

Men's Cooling Vests

Silver Eagle cooling vests really do keep you warm if worn dry, so think of them as year-round garments. You want a snug fit rather than a baggy fit, and you can exchange it if the size you choose is incorrect.

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Ladies Classic Cooling Vest

Ladies Cooling Vests

Look great and feel fantastic in Silver Eagle's Classic Cooling Vest for ladies! With fuller coverage and a more tailored fit, this style offers an outer shell of smooth breathable Cordura plus fabric protection on the inner lining.

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Cooling Neck Ties

Cooling Neckties

Great for the heat, golf, boating, fishing, motorcycling, beach, outdoor events, sports, migraines and anything where your body temperature may soar. Wear it around your neck like a tie or wrap it around your head as a head band.

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Cool Coat for dogs that love to ride...

On the Road Dogs

Comfort and heat-stress prevention should not be limited only to those who stand on two legs. We manufacturer the coolest gear for Dogs that love to Ride.... CoolChampions K9 Cool Coats can withstand any environments our best friends are exposed to and are completely machine washable.

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