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Coolweave Pty. Ltd. (Silver Eagle Outfitters, Australia) is a privately held Australian Company that began April 2004. We offer our customers quality, stylish cooling garments (specialty cooling blankets, cooling vests, cooling headwear and accessories) to cool the body. 100% Owned and Operated Australian Company who manufacturer Personal Cooling Vests, CoolChampions Oilskin Dog Coats, K9 Cooling Vests, Cooling Mats for dogs and cats, plus we make a range of Aluminet (Silver Mesh Sun Shade panels).Cooler by Design

Silver Eagle Outfitters is NDIS Registered in all States of Australia to supply “reasonable and necessary supports” relating to a person's disability to help them live an ordinary life and achieve their goals.

We've combined experience and knowledge with specialty fabrics, textile development, garment manufacturing and marketing to come up with a solution that proactively deals with heat stress. Actually, it’s nature’s most effective solution for dealing with heat – evaporation! Silver Eagle products are made of a special composite fabric that represents the first real breakthrough in personal cooling technology.

Manufactured to the highest standard where carefully chosen liners, shell fabrics and manufacturing techniques meet the performance and styling goals of each product. The construction is superior to beads, gels, or phase-change products because our products are lighter, don't swell, can be washed, are easy to activate, will keep you both cool and warm, and not least, the fabric and our investment in design creates better looking products.

Silver Eagle Products are guaranteed for Quality and Satisfaction.....just one more reason to love our products!

Dedication to our Customers.....

We strive to offer superior customer service to accompany our fine quality cooling apparel. From questions about our products to special ordering requirements, our customer service team will work with you in every way possible to meet your needs.

Why Buy From Silver Eagle Outfitters?

Anyone who experiences the discomforts of heat and sun exposure can benefit from our cooling apparel. Because they also offer an effective barrier to the cold when worn dry, our customers wear them even in the coldest of winter. These are truly year-round performance products.

Personal cooling vests and headwear (cooling neck ties) for motorcyclists has evolved into a broader selection of products created to serve outdoors adventurers, people living with MS and other diseases that affect the body's ability to regulate temperature.

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Silver Eagle Outfitters Australia


Silver Eagle Outfitters Australia


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We offer full customer service on all of our products. Please visit our web site at Silver Eagle Australia or Email:  for more information.