Silver Mesh Gazebo Roof Canopy

Cool Shade Aluminet Gazebo Canopy

Lightweight and easy to erect; Secured by stretch cord through eyelets at each corner, so nothing else is needed to attach to your Gazebo/Marquee.

This is no ordinary Shade Cloth..

Made to reflect the sun’s light (Using a mirror affect), our unique shades are made from aluminized fabric. Aluminet Silver Mesh deflects the light of the sun whilst rejecting its heat plus the open-knit fabric construction allows excellent air flow.

Cools as it Shades ...


  • canvas reinforcement at peak
  • canvas reinforcement at each corner including eyelets
  • stretch cord and hooks to attach to frame of marquee
  • UV resistant, bright, reflective, and recyclable metalized HDPE screen.

Aluminet Reflective Silver Mesh

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