Customer Comments | Cooling Vests

I've got a cooling vest for motorcycle ride a year ago, I live in Jakarta where the temp is about 34C all the years. This stuff is really good for me during the ride (I ride a HD btw), as for my experience it will keep you cool at least 5 hours. I love this product...some of my riding buddies have asked me to order one for them, which I did. I would recommend to use one in summer time.
Jok Jakarta, Indonesia

Thanks for the excellent service , I received my order the day after I ordered it. What a pleasure to have such great service and very speedy delivery. I have no hesitation recommending you to my family and friends . Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Irene Rayson S.A.

We have just returned from 3 weeks motorbike touring in the USA, and once again 'thank you' for your cooling vests. Riding through Death Valley at 45C we kept comfortably cool, and 10 days later in the Colorado Rockies we were riding in temps of -7C (and altitudes of 11,500 ft) and were using the vests dry as an extra layer of warming clothing. Great all round. We spent approx 2 weeks of temps around 38C to 40C each day, through California, Nevada, Arizona (yes, Route 66), and Utah, then a week of ccoolldd in Colorado, and we used the evaporative vests most days. Great products, and we strongly recommend them.
David & Zea, SE Qld

Thanks for your prompt, efficient and friendly service each time I have called you to buy a Silver Eagle Cooling Vest. These vests are terrific for motorcyclists who ride in the hotter months in Australia.  I bought one last summer for my wife. We ride a fair bit each summer including long distance IronButt type events and on several occasions she has suffered badly in the high temperatures. Last January a group of us were riding along the Murray Valley in temperatures in the high forties. The three guys in the group were suffering badly but my wife, wearing her Silver Eagle Cool vest under her jacket, was very comfortable.
The vest's performance was so remarkable that when we got home I ordered one for myself. I have used mine frequently since and am amazed that something so simple, simply works so well. I was so pleased that I bought one for my son as a birthday gift. He is also thrilled with the difference it makes on a long hot ride.
Peter H - Victoria

I bought the following product from you just prior to going to Korea last August; Ladies Classic Vest - Silver. I have struggled to cope with the heat each summer since migrating to Australia twenty years ago and I had been worried about going to Korea to work in the height of their summer. I just wanted to let you know that your product was a great success for me. I really would count it as one of the best products I have bought. It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny (or cent rather!). It really reduced my heat stress to a manageable level. Most of the other people I was with in Korea were Korean Americans but I was able to handle the heat better than they did with my vest on! I must have worn the vest every day for about two months. It washed out beautifully both by hand and machine. I got back to Australia after summer, but I am sure next summer I will be wearing my vest. It will allow me to go out on days that I would not normally leave the house on due to the heat. I just wish I had discovered your website sooner!
Gillian - Victoria

We (my wife Zea and I) have been using your Silver Eagle evaporative vests when motorbiking here in SE Qld through summer, and find them great. Last Sunday we did a ride to Tenterfield for lunch (300k's each way), and were cool and comfortable even in the 35-degree heat. So easy to 'recharge' too.
David -Queensland