Chamois Towels

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Chamois Towels for cooling and dryingShammy / Chamois Towels are made from an extremely micro-porous, reinforced, hi-tech polymer sponge material. They absorb 8 times their weight in water and cut drying time in half because of their ability to absorb water.

Towels are packaged in a poly bag. Multiple uses include:

  • Swim Towel
  • Pet Towel
  • Exercise Towel
  • Cleaning Towel
  • Cooling Towel
Size 58cm x 43cm (23" x 17")
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Product Description

Hi-tech polymer sponge material that absorbs 8 times their weight in water.

Uses include:

  • Swim Towel
  • Pet Towel
  • Exercise Towel
  • Cleaning Towel
  • Cooling Towel

Note: these towels dry hard. To soften, just soak in water

How it Works

Add H2O and Go!

Soaking Silver Eagle cooling products in water activates the cooling process. When activated, simple squeeze out excess water.

Wash and Care

  • Pre-treat stains with stain remover
  • Presoak 5 minutes before adding a mild detergent
  • Wash as normal on gentle cycle. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH
  • Line dry or machine dry on low heat
  • Thoroughly dry product before storing

Note: Do not freeze Silver Eagle evaporative cooling products

Cooling Garment Sizing:

PVA Chamois Towel:

  1. One Size
  2. Large size 58cm x 43cm (23" x 17")

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Silver Eagle Guarantee

Silver Eagle Outfitters offers 30-day satisfaction guarantee

guaranteeon each item we sell with the exception of any items listed below. We request that you please try on your product to verify the correct size prior to activating the product for cooling.

If the item is not the correct size or does not meet the needs of your application, we will either exchange your product or refund the cost of your item, less any associated freight costs. If the product is activated prior to returning it for an exchange or refund, we must charge a 25% restocking fee.

Additionally, if you find any defects with the make or function of your product within one full year of purchase, you may return it to us for an exchange or refund.