Silver Shade Mesh Panels

Silver Mesh Gazebo Walls and Canopies

Silver Mesh

Wall 2.4m wide x 2m drop
Wall 3.0m wide x 2m drop
Wall 4.8m wide x 2m drop
Wall 6.0m wide x 2m drop

Silver Mesh

1-2 Berth 76cm drop x 227cm
4 Berth 91.5cm drop x 209cm

Silver Mesh

Roof 3.0m x 3.0m Marquee
Roof 2.4m x 2.4m Marquee

Aluminet Reflective ShadeCaravan Privacy Screens

Secured by rope at the top with eyelets along the bottom, so nothing else is needed to attach them to your Caravan/Awning.

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Multi-use Aluminet Tarps / Car Covers: Size 5m x 4m Silver Mesh (Aluminet) Car Cover


  • 2.5cm Heavy Duty Black Webbing with grommets
  • 70% shade factor controls more air circulation

Uses: caravan shade covers, horse trailers, canopies, dog runs, cars etc.

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Aluminet "Cool Shade" Silver Sun Shade Mesh walls and show trolley surrounds block the effects of the sun's radiant heat by reflecting it rather than absorbing it. The open weave fabric allows fresh air circulation for cooling relief inside your marquee. Secured by Velcro straps at the top and each side so nothing else is needed to attach them to your gazebo. The silver mesh has plenty of metal reflective surface and is heavy duty.

Silver Mesh Marquee Side WallAluminet (Silver Shade Mesh) can reduce enclosed area temperatures by up to 20%. Eliminate heat build-up problems of conventional shade tarps that absorb the sun's rays, generating heat build-up and trapping it inside. Silver Shade Mesh acts like a mirror reflecting away the sun and it's heat. The fabric is durable, light weight, easy to use, resistant to rot and mold plus it won't run or unravel and can be washed with a garden hose.

Custom Shades

Made to Fit Your Needs

We can Custom make Aluminet Silver Mesh Shade Panels to your specifications:  To obtain a Quote please Phone: (03) 59988336 or Email our 

Silver Mesh Roof


  • canvas reinforcement at peak
  • canvas reinforcement at each corner including eyelets
  • stretch cord and hooks to attach to frame of marquee
  • UV resistant, bright, reflective, and recyclable metalized HDPE screen.

Deluxe Silver Side Wall


  • Top panel: 5cm canvas for sturdiness and strength
    Top attachment: Velcro loops
  • Bottom panel: 10cm Rip-stop PVC (resistant to moisture)
    Bottom attachment: Eyelets
  • Side Webbing: 2.5cm heavy duty Black
    Side attachment: Velcro loops

Silver Shade Trolley Surround


  • Webbing: 2.5cm Black
  • Attachment: Velcro loops