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Oilskin Dog Jacket - OnyxI have yet again one immensely happy rescued greyhound. I love your products for greyhounds and promote you to every greyhound owner who comments on Onyx’s coats! Thanks heaps. Photo attached of today’s walk , after delivery arrived! Onyx looks very smart in her Aussie brown. Michele 13/4/21

CoolChampions Cool Coat - DaeneryI would like to firstly thank you for saving my little pug from the heat of the middle east. She did almost die and I was sure she wouldn't have gone for any more walks for at least 3 months.. which was horrible. She has been a happy pup ever since we got her the jacket. A big thank you from us! .....Rochelle (UAE) 5/6/17

CoolChampions Cool Coat - TysonCool Coat K9 CoolChampionsTyson loves his cooling coat. His panting has subsided considerably. He loves wearing it as its non constrictive. He can jump, run, play and sleep in it. Its a Cooling Champion for a Champion Dog....Thank you Silver Eagle .....Tyson and Lola Williams 1/1/16

I just purchased a cool vest for my 11yr old Greyhound. He just had surgery for Laryngeal Paralysis and heat stress could be fatal for him. It is ideal for the car journeys to the vets. His exercise tolerance on hot days is much better now. I was pleasantly surprised at how light it is and we are no longer dreading the long hot WA Summer. Now my other 2 Greyhounds want one too!...Peggy (Western Australia) 2/10/15

CoolChampions Cool Coat Mali Shar PeiI purchased one of the cooling coats for my shar pei last week just before the heat came in. I'd have to say it was the best thing I could have done for her! Normally on a 25 degree day she would come in after being outside for 10 minutes and would be panting and continue to do so for some time. Saturday the temperature was 39 degrees so I put the cooling coat on Mali and took her outside. After 15 minutes I brought her inside and found no signs of heat stress! I let her out again a little while later, this time for 30 minutes, and again no signs of heat stress! The best part is that Mali hates water yet didn't mind wearing this coat. I also found that the size was perfect. I often have trouble getting coats the right size for Mali due to having so much extra skin around her neck but the Cool Champion was perfect as it has the adjustable velcro around the neck area for a perfect fit. If you have a dog that can't handle the heat I would highly recommend getting a cool coat...it's well worth the money! Thank you Silver Eagle, I think my girl might actually be able to go outside for more than just a few minutes at a time now!....Tanya (South Australia) 11/2/15

Cool Pug from NZAn awesome experience dealing with Maureen, so helpful. Used the cool coats on my Pugs the first weekend of getting them. Wow is what I say, was able to walk the dogs in the heat without them getting hot, which I couldn't have done before. My dogs love them and so do I. So pleased I went with Silver Eagle when purchasing cool coats. Thank you for a great product and great service.... Susan (New Zealand) 18/11/14

SASWe purchased a cool coat for our Frenchie SAS, we went for a walk the other day at about 8 on a beautiful sunny Brissy morning. OMG I can't recommend the coat enough peeps, Frenchies can't kool down on the best of days but this coat just kept her so relaxed n cool we enjoyed the walk. We are at ease now when we are out an about knowing we have this beautiful invention for our pooches, so peeps keep the pooches kool this summer....cheers Rori 9/9/13

It's the hottest day on record here, (Kahibah, NSW) 44 degrees C. I bought my cat, Jensen, a Silver Eagle for Christmas and he did seem a little less than impressed. But, I tried him on it today and after a few moments he relaxed stopped panting and started to purr. He's much better and although he may never look as happy as the bulldog and certainly is much better than he was before. Thank you for your product...Heather C 18/1/13

SamThank you Silver Eagle Outfitters, I ordered a cool mat from you on Tuesday the 18th December, not knowing if it would arrive before Xmas, and through your quick and helpful service it arrived today Thursday the 20th December. It is nice to find a firm that is so helpful these days, and at a very busy time of year, you went out of your way to help me with a mat that will cool my little pug dog down over Xmas in this very hot summer we are having up north. Merry Xmas!!...Jan A 20/12/12

RoryRoryHere are a couple of photos of Rory, the dog with laryngeal paralysis, wearing his lovely new cooling coat. I'm very impressed with the quality of the coat, and Rory's specialist was pleased to hear that I had acquired one for him. ...Christine Vic. 13/7/2012

Thanks Maureen, I received my Aqua one this week for my 2.5 year old lab who competes in trials and it just works so well. I have a Saratoga horse works one too but your one works so much better! Both boys had theirs on on that 39 degree day earlier in the week and your one stayed cool hours after the other one had gone dry.
Candice VW W.A. 2/1/2012

I do believe your cool vest may have saved my Mishy's life this Summer based on the unseasonably hot weather we've already had. 30 degrees forecast for last Saturday. I dropped all the block out curtains early in the morning in readiness. I was cooking on the stove & processing treats all morning, so the kitchen area was fairly heated up by about 2 pm & the old girl started to pant & gasp. I administered Valerian drops, put her soaked cool vest on her and turned on the air con, with the air flow pointing at her. She got back on her day bed to have a snooze & all the panting completely stopped within a minute or so. I took this footage of her around 5:30 pm. It was C24 in the house & blazing hot outside. She's bright & alert, sitting up & interacting. A dog with LP (Laryngeal Paralysis) in this situation (from what I understand & have seen in Mish), would be hot, gasping for breath & stressing it's organs. Today (Tuesday) was very muggy all day. Mish started to flag about 5pm despite the air con being on all day & the excessive panting started up. I administered Valerian drops & her water soaked cool vest and within 2 minutes, she was totally calm .... with a "resting state" breathing pattern. ...Lynn P Vic 9/11/2011

I have a 2 ½ year old Border Collie that unfortunately has a heart problem. He over heats very easily and has trouble cooling down. I activated and put the vest on him as soon as it arrived. 5 minutes later Moses had stopped panting and was soon fast asleep. It would seem trivial to some people but I am over the moon to see him so comfortable. I wish I had found your products years ago. Thank you, ...Robyn & Moses 13/11/2010

JamimaJust wanted to send on a big thank you. Our beautiful British Bulldog girl Jamima (photo attached) has always really struggled with the heat, she become lethargic, uninterested & basically hibernated away on those hot days. I brought the new medium size especially for bulldogs, I was a little worried as I have always had trouble fitting coats on her, especially across her front in the shoulders. The coat was a great fit in length, around the shoulders & long enough to go down her belly. Jam is a little bigger around the girth than most (all 32kg of it) so the team at Silver Eagle made up some extension straps & it fits like a glove. I saw an instant improvement in her breathing, energy & comfort levels, she was even happy enough to come out & play .We are so pleased with the results for Jamima & can't recommend it enough. Thanks for all your help ...Liz Rougle Park Boxers & British Bulldogs Maryborough Vic 8/1/2010

I ordered my Cool Mat and Cool Coat for my Shar-Pei, the coat for my 21 month old male and the mat for the two pups, for their crate at the show, not only was the delivery quick , the service was excellent , My Pei were cool and relaxed at the shows that weekend, I highly recommend these products to everyone , and will be purchasing coats for my pups when they finish growing, Thanks very much ... Karenne B - NSW 23/11/2010

CoolChampionsWhat can I say that I am sure you do not hear on a regular basis...absolutely fantastic! I was expecting something a little different and was surprised as these are even better than what I had imagined. I thought for some reason there was an outer shell with a layer underneath that was separate. obviously this is so much better. It was warm enough yesterday afternoon to try the new gear out and I was absolutely blown away as to how well the jackets worked and the longevity of the cooling process was without comparison to those others I have researched and spoken to others about. My two big lugs took to them right away, they did not offer any resistance and allowed me to put them on without attempting to remove them once I had done so, and this is a feat I must say as my oldest (and newest to the household) has to wear diapers while in the house and if she doesn't tug at them the other one does. A shame I did not order the vest for myself as I was thinking of doing so but again did not know what to expect. Will likely get a couple of blankets at some point as well...I am absolutely taken by this product bar none.
You have a very vocal advocate over here in support of both your product and the manner in which you treat your customers.
I have enjoyed the time waiting for the arrival of my order and have been met with nothing but well mannered and supportive responses to my numerous emails by Maureen and help with all of these (and I admit likely too many) inquiries of the status of my order. Thank you yet again and I very well may have another order from the post man who delivered the package...he is curious as to what he brings to me as it is always something lately for my dogs...go figure Son moves up and out and now I cater to these two. Its been a pleasure much thanks God Bless ...Ian turner 12/06/09

I have the coats already and my old dog is loving it. I have 3 border collies and bought a cool coat for the middle one when we were at the Canberra Show last year. She is competing in Flyball and really feels the heat. I had been putting her coat on my 13yo boy as he was really panting in the Qld heat, even though it is supposed to be spring. The panting stopped and he was able to relax very comfortably without any stress. I decided to buy him his own coat and got one for my 8 month pup as well as she is also was panting a lot. I haven’t put the coat on the pup let as she is handling the heat ok at the moment but I am sure she will appreciate it when I do. Thanks for a wonderful product. ...Jan 7/10/2009

Just letting you know that we received the items yesterday and used it straight away. These really work, it's amazing! Today is just melting hot here in Shepparton but Max (our 1 yr old GSD) is happily napping in the cooling mat at the moment. He used the vest yesterday and he actually did not mind being outside yesterday for a couple of hours with us. The other amazing thing is that we were worried that he will just bite the vest or the mat to pieces but he actually has not done that. It's unbelievable Thanks for such a great product, I have been telling family and friends about it. ...Gemma January 2009

QuinnQuinn and PupBack on 20/9/06 I purchased a K9 Cooling Vest to suit our young male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, after talking on the phone with you. The vest has been fantastic, keeping " Quinn"- or - "Tribalstaff Prince Otto- CD" cool and content on our many hot summer days. Living up in Mansfield (Nth East Country Victoria) summer is consistently hot all through the season, but with the Cool Vest we are able to exercise him safely in the warmth and keep him in top show and trial condition. I've attached a photo of Quinn wearing his vest.
We have recently added another Stafford to the family and now wish to purchase another of the vests to suit her. Last time we bought a "Small - Hi Vis Yellow" Vest for Quinn. ...Cheryl Reyment 22/10/07

I wish to thank you for your product the cooling vest for animals, I have greyhounds this is a great product. I ordered my second one Monday needing it by Thursday and with thanks it arrived to-day (Wed) thank you again for your fast response keep up the good work. I would highly recommend your product and most certainly the way you conduct business ...Margaret Lake N.S.W. 5/12/07

ClintonI have just attended the Adelaide Royal Show and must sing the praises of the cooling coat. Firstly, I believe that it helped to save the life of a Mastiff in our group that started to bloat at the show. The coat was put on him soon after his condition was suspected and was not removed until he arrived at the emergency veterinary clinic. He did seem to settle and fortunately did not progress to a torsion. On Specials day, I used the coat on my own Mastiff, Clinton (107 kgs at 19 months). The pavillion started to warm up in the early afternoon and he started to pant quite a lot after being exhibited. I prepared the coat and within 10 minutes of placing it on him, he had stopped panting and did not do so for the rest of the afternoon. I had many South Australian exhibitors, as well as some pet owning public, who will be contacting you to purchase a coat. The show people were not only impressed by its effectiveness, but also that the coat remained dry. I'm sure that you will make many sales in South Australia ...Gabrielle Simmonds Marstenmoor Mastiffs Victoria 16/9/07

FreyaOur pup's name is "Almytee Boys Light Up" and her call name is "Freya" she is 2 years old and participates in Obedience, Agility and Jumping. As you can see the Greyhound size works well due to her Spitz tail.
We use the vest due to her training regime and the fact that we live in the Tropics. All competition and training is during the evening but it is still hot and now becoming quite humid. We find the vest excellent and very comfortable for Freya. She usually wears it between Agility runs during training and during breaks in the Trials. She also occasionally wears it during her usual evening walks.
We also have a Coolmat which we place in the bottom of Freya's crate at Trials and training. This mat has been 'borrowed' by other dogs after their Agility runs at the various Trials. Everyone seems pleasantly surprised by how well it works in quickly cooling off the dogs." ...Sue Darwin - October, 2006

I would really like to thank you just so much for making me aware of the wonderful cooling rugs that you have on sale for dogs. A couple of weeks ago when we had the very hot weather, my lovely old Border Collie (Aust NZ CH Glentress Chain Reaction) who I love dearly, had a terrible turn. He was panting until his tongue nearly reached the ground and he was quite disorientated, his gums and tongue had a bluish tinge to them. As it was on a Sunday, I didn't quite know what to do, because, by the time I got to see a vet, I am sure he would have died. But I remembered that I had bought one of the cooling rugs from you a little while ago, so I quickly soaked it and put it on him and I laid him down. I am just so pleased to say within a matter of 10 or so minutes, he was panting normally and his gums and tongue had returned to their normal colour. As that was well over a month ago now, I am very pleased to say that he is still with us. If and when it ever happens again to any of our dogs, I will definitely not hesitate in using your cooling rugs, as I am absolutely certain in my mind that it did save my dear old dog's life that day. Thanks again Kind regards ...Marilyn Adams

assistance dogIt is absolutely fantastic! My assistance dog is always out with me and being extremely hot in SA it can really hard on her but today I put it on her and we went out and she was so happy and didn't seem at all stressed like she usually does with the heat thank you so much :-).... Penny (South Australia) 28/11/14

Bentley from Abu DhabiBentley from Abu DhabiGreetings from a rather hot and humid Abu Dhabi (it was 47° C here yesterday!).
Maureen, I wanted to thank you for your fantastic customer support. After having searched for a lightweight cooling coat for a while, we are really pleased with our purchase. Bentley has been wearing his cool coat every day, and I have seen a considerable difference in him when he is out and about, and he looks so smart wearing it too. I have added some photos of Bentley enjoying his trip to the beach. Thanks again for all of your wonderful help; Bentley & Claudia (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.) 17/8/14

Winnie wearing her cool coatI want to thank you for your superb service, which was super fast over to the UK (even though we've just had a bank holiday). My French Bulldog who I struggle to buy jackets for, let alone Cool coats, as she is a very small Frenchie in size, but still with the build of a bulldog, but yours fits perfectly for her. Excellent quality, stylish, love the Latte colour & will be a lifesaver in the heat and humidity. Thank you. I will recommend you to our French Bulldog Meetup Group (100+) in Essex. Here's a photo of my Frenchie Winnie sporting her new K9 Cool coat. Used it for the first time today & honestly it was amazing. Normally she'd be panting & drinking gallons in the heat. But it was different with the coat on (activated), no panting or looking distressed, and she only drunk back at the car after her walk. She did give me a funny look when I said to her 'we're gonna put your coat on'; like, 'what are you crazy it's 70 degrees'!!! Not going to dread the hot weather this year, as I know she'll be fine in her K9 Cool coat. Thank U!...Ashley & Winnie Sweetest of All (England) 16/5/14

Hello there just wanted to say a huge thank you!!! I just ordered the dog cooling vest as we live in Queensland as my dog suffers from the heat and if he doesn't swim after a walk he won't cool down for near 2 hours but today using the vest on his walk we were home for five minutes and no panting and so nice an cool to the touch!!! This has changed our lives as it was a real worry for me seeing him with mild heat stress and made it so hard finding the perfect time to walk him! So a huge thank you from all of us especially Jaspa ( the dog )... Sara B Qld. 15/11/12

SpikeMaggieI just love these cool coats!!! My border X T Ch William TheBloody ET CDX ADM JDM ADO JDO SDM GDX SPD DWD F.N ( AKA Spike) never goes anywhere with out it! With all his sports it very handy! And I'm just about to start my little Maggie in agility and we all know how finicky little ones can get about the weather but with these we have no probs! And the fast delivery ensures you have in when you need it! ...Candice VW W.A. 2/1/2012

TyohniTyohniThank-you for the products. I just thought I would send through a couple of pictures of my husky who lives with me in the Kimberley wearing the jacket, keeping her cool in the hot Kimberley weather....Danni L Conservation Dog Handler/ Research Assistant Kimberley W.A. 5/12/2011

Lu LuLu LuThank you for my red cool coat I love it, here are some pics of my Lu Lu (Svawill Questra)

...Nicole P Vic 22/12/2011

Thank you so much!! I purchased 2 cool coats for my italian greyhounds, and they are PERFECT! No more hot iggies at the shows.. they stay cool and comfortable, and the strong velcro means they have great difficulty pulling them off!! I will definitely be buying cool coats from you for all my other dogs!! ...Ashlea A N.S.W. 21/2/2011

Good Morning Maureen...Firstly, Buster’s vest fits PERFECTLY ! He is my pride and joy, and because he’s so old, I have been really worried about ways to keep him cooler during our dreadfully hot Summers here. Last night, I tried his new mat and vest, and cant’ tell you how pleased I am to know he has some relief, which will help him cope. Our most sincere appreciation to you for the time you took to help us with sizing, we are very grateful to you for your help, and for your wonderful products. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to our pet-owner friends. Thank you so much for all your care! ...Jenn M and Buster McCuster Xx - WA 11/1/2011

...thank you, thank you, thank you. I just took Othello (our French Bulldog) for his first walk with the coat on - (it arrived today) and I am so thrilled with it. It will be seriously life changing for us. Usually, I would never even think of taking him out in weather like this (mid/high 20's and sunny) and we just went on a short walk to test the coat out. He was panting a bit at times, but nothing like the rasping asthma attack sounds that he makes on much cooler days and evenings. It usually takes him ages of laying on the tiles panting, to cool down after a walk - but he is acting like he hasn't even been out!
The coat is wonderful. Best Wishes ...Jacqueline DB - WA 25/11/2010 |29

Ruby's cool coat came yesterday (only 12 hours after I placed my order, amazing!) I was not sure it would be successful, as she had been racing around the house all day and had got to the wheezing point (she is a pug - not overweight at all - but still unable to cope with temps over 25C.) I activated the coat and put it on her. It took about 30 seconds to stop her wheezing and panting. Amazing - yet again. Later we went for a walk (me), in the pram for my two dogs - I took her cool coat off and was thrilled to feel her coat was really, really cool. Because it was about 7-30pm, I thought the temperature had dropped enough for her to cool down without the coat but no - she had been in the pram for only a little time and started to pant again. I can now look towards summer with less trepidation than I was anticipating! Both Ruby and I wish to thank you very much ...Vicky F - Vic. 24/11/2010

My whippet has refused to work during last week or so of hot weather, even late at night, After picking up the coats, I put it on him, he sprung straight into action doing the obedience commands without hesitation. I would highly recommend these coats, as long as the instructions followed properly to get the full benefit of its use. ...Sharon C 12/11/09

EvieRoccoThe cooling vest arrived here in Scotland 4 days after my order was placed, thank you for such a quick and trouble free transaction. The cooling vest is fantastic, the quality of the material and the job that it does fulfils everything I was looking for. I have enclosed 2 pics of my Staffordshire Bull Terriers wearing the vest, I will possibly be placing an order for a pink one for my bitch Evie. I am attending a show in Scotland this weekend and a few people have asked if I could bring the vest along so they can see it/ try it on their dog. Thank you for such a fantastic item, I am sure it will serve my dogs for many years.
1. EVIE (Tusselstaff Little Cracker) 2. ROCCO (Flaminstaff Fire Flash) Regards ...Jen Johnston 16/6/09

To all concerned about cooling their beautiful animal down. I have the best friend in the world, my dog Shandy. She is 10 years old and I have struggled every single summer to make her cool. Now that she has cancer and severe arthritis cooling her down the battle has gone. She has health problems I manage with medication but her cooling I could never beat until this bloody brilliant coat. I am very protective of Shandy, she is all I have and am extremely fussy with trying different things for her as she does not like wearing coats. Believe me I have tried in the winter when I thought she was cold. From the bottom of mine and Shandy's heart thank you Maureen and John. For the people reading this it's not fake. I have not been asked to write this. Just thank goodness Shandy is cool. She is brilliant. I have even offered Maureen to give my number out to confirm what I have said. Just thanks. ...Minka December 2008

GSDAttached is an article for you to put on your website (if you want to) showing our Malvern GSD dogs working at the Stonnington Pets in the Park day in March 2008. The day was stinking hot, but our dogs coped beautifully thanks to their cool coats. ...Dearne Victoria 24.4.08
Thank you Malvern Branch of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria for sharing this article. To read click on the picture

TurtleWe recently purchased a vest for our Newfoundland, Turtle, and are so happy with it. We live in the Kimberley and it gets hot here. Since using your vest, Turtle's panting has been minimal and definitely not stress related which is such a relief. The vest is great for long car trips which are unavoidable here! He loves it and it keeps him cool for hours. Thank you! ...Frances, Shaun, and Turtle Derby W.A. 6/7/08

JackJackI just wanted to say how much my Boston terrier "Jack" Loualli Invitation Only loves his Cool coat!! It has made such a different at shows on those really hot days!! THANK YOU!! ...Cazz Cathcart Victoria 3/3/08

Finally having a warm spell, tried the K9 greyhound rug on our dogs. The temperature was approx.34 deg. our greyhound wore the rugs for the whole day. Greyhounds that were wearing rug were outside laying on concrete, while dogs not wearing them where trying to get out of the heat. Cannot speak highly enough about these rugs, excellent product that work extremely well and can't wait to try them when dogs are racing ...Brian Gordon S.A. 18/11/07

I sent for 2 cooling mats for my dogs I was very surprised when I received them the next day It is nice to get a product that actually does what it says and works now I have 2 really cool dogs this summer Thank you ...Kay Harding W.A. 23/11/07

I have used both the cool coat and the cool mat for my Bullmastiffs in the last 12 months & they work wonderfully, cooling them down very quickly on the hot days. I had mine with me at the Pet Expo earlier this year & was so inundated with comments on it & where to get them I had to phone home to get the details to pass along to people.
I used the coat on mine on (Sat 27/10/07) as I went to the Euroa & did not hear her panting once the whole way home in the car. What a wonderful invention they are! ...Cheryl Wright Vic. 30/10/07

KatoKatoThankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
I have a 7 month old Long Coat Akita called Kato who is seeing through his first summer. The days became longer and longer for him and we thought that we would have to take the plunge and clip his lovely coat to make the hot days more comfortable. Until that is, we put his cooling vest on him for the first time.
We bought for him the greyhound size in the khaki and it looks great and I was surprised at the amount of difference it made. Kato now sees through every hot day happily in his vest. Thankyou - you saved his coat from certain death!! Kindest Regards ...Natalie Tasmania - 2007

GreytI just want to say thanks on behalf of my two Pet Greyhounds. The difference your Cool Champions K9 Cooling Vests have made is remarkable. What really freaked me out was to see both of them laying on the concrete pavers in the sun sound asleep in 30 degree ...Russell N.S.W. Australia January 2005

I have seen many fads over the years and was a bit skeptical at first. Because I live in Queensland and the humidity is so high, I decided to try the Coolweave greyhound rugs for my dogs.
This is a remarkable product for the Australian climate. The dogs are extremely contented and lay down for hours keeping cool, despite our high temperatures. The rugs also give the added advantages of protecting them from flies as well as UV rays. They are simple to use and the rugs stay cool for the whole day.
Any serious trainer or owner of horses and greyhounds needs this for their animals. I am extremely impressed. These cooling vests are sensational." ...Robbie Byrnes Multiple Group 1 Harness Racing Driver and now successful greyhound trainer

I purchased a K9 cooling vest early this year, and have used it this season at the coursing, not only on my dogs, but also on 2 other runners. Both of the trainers that I lent the rug to were very impressed. I am looking forward to using it again this summer, as I believe it (Cool Champions K9 Cooling Vest) is an important asset to any trainer.
I would like to order another royal blue rug. Thanks in advance, ...Wendy Sebastyan S.A., Australia October 2005

SkyeLast night I took [my dog] Skye for her herding lesson. It was 6pm and still quite warm. Skye showed no interest in the sheep no matter what the trainer tried. I was ready to give up and drive the hour and half home. Then I ask if we could try her in the cool vest. What a difference. She took out after the sheep and finished her lesson. The trainer and people watching were amazed at the difference and remarked that she was like a different dog with the vest on. ... I was so thrilled with difference your vest made I had to tell you. ...Marla

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