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XXS 41cm x 56cm (16" x 22") $56.60
XS 48cm x 71cm (19" x 28") $68.15
Small 56cm x 86cm (22" x 34") $79.70
Large 71cm x 109cm (28" x 43") $98.20
XL 106cm x 142cm (42" x 56") $150.00

Our CoolQuilt is a safe and comfortable solution to heat stress in any situation. The CoolQuilt offers cooling relief without the use of gels or refrigerants. Using regular tap water, the CoolQuilt is easily activated in 5 minutes for hours of heat-relief.

  • Carry the CoolQuilt when travelling to keep comfortable on planes, trains, and in cars.
  • When exercising or working in extreme-heat conditions, keep the blanket in a cooler of water for emergency heat-relief.
  • Because of the CoolQuilt's consistent cooling, it is effective in relieving aches and pains due to illness or exhaustion.

Water repellent liner acts as a conductive layer to pull heat from the body when the blanket is activated, keeping the user cool and dry.

How it Works....Add H20 and Go!


  • Outer shell is quilted, for protection from rips, snags
  • Durable water repellent nylon liner, (DWR) finish
  • Machine Washable