Silver Eagle Cooling Garments

Cools in the heat and even warms when it's chilly!

Quick-dry, breathable outer shell

Moisture escapes through the quick-dry outer shell in the form of evaporation, carry with it heat from the wearer's body.

Super-absorbent fiber core

Cooler by DesignA specially blended combination of hydrophilic fibers and hydrophobic fibers work to absorb, trap and distribute the optimal amount of water that is released over a period of time through evaporation.

Water-resistant, thermally conductive inner

Coated with a durable, water-repellent finish, the inner lining keeps the wearer dry and comfortable while transferring heat away from the body into the fiber core where it is evaporated.

All Silver Eagle personal cooling products are made with a unique three-layer evaporative cooling fabric that works with your body's heat and tap water to improve upon the body's natural cooling process. Silver Eagle fabric can NOT be found in any other products.

The core of the fabric's functionality is also the core of the fabric's three-layer composition: special hydrophilic fibers (fibers that attract water) and hydrophobic fibers (fibers that reject water) are combined into a thin, lightweight batting. This batting is sandwiched between a breathable outer shell fabric and a thermally conductive, inner lining to form three layers. The result is a cooling composite that is designed to hold an optimal amount of moisture without becoming over-saturated or soggy. This controls the weight of the garment when activated and optimizes the evaporation properties of the fabric. No chemicals, gels, cords or refrigeration are required to activate the cooling process.

Results of Auburn Study Validate Physical Performance Benefits

download pdf fileSilver Eagle Outfitters apparel is made a unique composite fabric that promotes evaporative cooling. In independent studies performed by Auburn University's Department of Health and Human Performance (1) and Thermal Lab (2), physiological responses, thermal responses, and comfort perceptions were measured to determine the benefits of wearing a Silver Eagle cooling vest.


1. Core Temperature and Perceptions of a Silver Eagle Vest while wearing a protective barrier suit. David D. Pascoe, Ph.D., Health and Human Performance; Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

2. Efficacy of Silver Eagle Vests under Climatic Conditions. Principal investigator: David D. Pascoe, Ph.D., Seokjoo Yoon. Auburn University Thermal Lab, Auburn, Alabama.