Greyhound Style Cooling Jacket

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Cool Coat greyhound styleGreyhounds may succumb to overheating through excessive race exertion causing a condition known as “acidosis”. The Silver Eagle Evaporative Cool Champions Greyhound Cooling Vest is the ideal solution to the effects of intense heat on greyhounds and aids overheating by creating artificial perspiration that actively pulls excess heat from the dog by lowering the dog's temperature and reducing heavy panting that would otherwise unduly distress your greyhound.

  • Fits most greyhounds 26kg to 38kg
  • Ideal for after-race Recovery and Travelling in the trailer
  • Greyhound Style Oilskin Jackets for Winter (click here)

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Product Description

The Silver Eagle Evaporative CoolChampions Cooling Vest is the ideal solution to the effects of intense heat on dogs, without excessive weight gain or bulkiness, pulling heat away and enhancing your dog's natural cooling process.

  • Activated in minutes with water and cools for hours
  • Limited weight gain when activated -- preserves the normal loft of the dog's coat
  • Precision-fit design ensures comfort and freedom of movement
  • No refrigeration required
  • Durable, quality construction for year-round use, year after year
  • No gels or ice
  • Elastic Velcro Straps for easy adjustment
  • Machine Washable
  • Worn dry, the vest provides an effective barrier to wind and cold

How it Works

Add H2O and Go!

Soaking Silver Eagle cooling products in water activates the cooling process. When activated, special water-retaining, hydrophilic fibers in the batting capture and lock in a finite amount of water. The hydrophobic fill evenly distributes and surrounds these water-charged fibers with air, creating an ideal environment for evaporation. This combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers delivers a slow, controlled release of moisture, enabling hours of evaporative cooling comfort

Activation Instructions

Package Activation Method: Silver Eagle cooling vests and blankets are packaged in a zip-lock activation bag. The activation method described below is a quick and easy way to activate your garment.

  • Remove the paper insert from the package
  • Place the folded garment into the bag
  • Pour the correct amount of water indicated in the Water Activation Amount Chart (view here) for your size and type of garment into the activation bag with the garment. The amount of water needed to activate the vest will depend on the size and type of garment
  • Zip-lock the top of the activation package
  • Shake bag slightly and lay flat for 15 minutes
  • Remove the garment from the activation package. If necessary, gently wring the garment or roll it in a towel to remove any excess water
  • Wipe off any excess moisture from the inner lining (the side that you wear next to your body) with a paper towel or dry cloth

To Make A Zip-Lock Activation Package

You can make your own activation package by using a heavy-duty, zip-lock plastic bag. This bag should be large enough to hold the folded vest comfortably. Fill the bag with 1.5 to 2 cups of water and follow the instructions given above

Note: DO NOT leave activated products in the activation bag for more than 24 hours

Machine Method

The washing machine is a great way to activate Silver Eagle products. Simply run your vest, blanket, or headwear through the rinse-and-spin cycle without detergent. When your machine stops, your product is ready to use immediately or to store in an activation pouch for use later in the day

Submersion Method

  • Soak Silver Eagle products in a sink or container of cool water for 5 minutes to charge the special absorbent fibers. Because the middle layer of our fabric has finite water-absorbing capabilities, you cannot over-soak or over-activate Silver Eagle products
  • Remove excess water by gently wringing out the garment or rolling it in a towel
  • Towel dry the inner lining and outer shell

Wash and Care

  • Pre-treat stains with stain remover
  • Presoak 5 minutes before adding a mild detergent
  • Wash as normal on gentle cycle. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH
  • Line dry or machine dry on low heat
  • Thoroughly dry product before storing

Note: Do not freeze Silver Eagle evaporative cooling products

CoolChampions Cool Coats:



Centre Back



K9-9 ToyXS 9"-23" 33-46cm (13-18") 25-31cm (10-12")
K9-11 Toy 11"-28cm 35-49cm (14-19") 31-39cm (12-15")
K9-13 XXS 15"-38cm 36-54cm (14-21") 33-42cm (13-16.5")
K9-14 XS 14"-36cm 44-61cm (17-24") 42-49cm (16.5-19")
K9-17 S-17 17"-43cm 50-78cm (20-30") 46-53cm (18-21")
K9-19 S-19 19"-48cm 52-79cm (20-31") 48-55cm (19-22")
K9-Whippet W 21"-53cm 51-66cm (20-26") 35-42cm (13-16")
K9-21 M-21 21"-53cm 56-90cm (22-35.5") 53-68cm (23-27")
K9-24 M-24 24"-61cm 56-88cm (22-35") 53-68cm (21-27")
K9-28 L 28"-71cm 66-81cm (24-32") 55-68cm (22-27")
K9-36 XL 28"-71cm 71-99cm (28-39") 52-68cm (20-27)
K9-34 XXL 34"-86cm 86-117cm (34-46") 71-95cm (28-37.5")
K9-36 3XL 36"-91cm 92-122cm (36-48") 76-101cm (30-40")

Use the centre back measurement to determine what size your dog would likely need. Cool Champion Cool Coats are designed with enough adjustment within the neck and girth to fit most dogs within each size.

Dog and Cat Cooling Mats:

16" x 22" (41cm x 56cm)*
19" x 28" (48cm x 71cm)*
22" x 34" (56cm x 86cm)
28" x 43" (71cm x 109cm)
42" x 56" (106cm x 142cm)

French Bulldog Cool Coat

I want to thank you for your superb service, which was super fast over to the UK (even though we've just had a bank holiday). My French Bulldog who I struggle to buy jackets for, let alone Coolcoats, as she is a very small Frenchie in size, but still with the build of a bulldog, but yours fits perfectly for her. Excellent quality, stylish, love the Latte colour & will be a lifesaver in the heat and humidity. Thank you. I will recommend you to our French Bulldog Meetup Group (100+) in Essex.
Used it for the first time today & honestly it was amazing. Normally she'd be panting & drinking gallons in the heat. But it was different with the coat on (activated), no panting or looking distressed, and she only drunk back at the car after her walk. She did give me a funny look when I said to her 'we're gonna put your coat on'; like, 'what are you crazy it's 70 degrees'!!! Not going to dread the hot weather this year, as I know she'll be fine in her K9 Coolcoat. Thank U!...Ashley & Winnie Sweetest of All (England) 16/5/14 | 42

Dog Cooling Jacket

We purchased a cool coat for our Frenchie SAS, we went for a,walk the other day at about 8 on a beautiful sunny Brissy morning. OMG I can't recommend the coat enough peeps, Frenchies can't kool down on the best of days but this coat just kept her so relaxed n cool we enjoyed the walk.we are at ease now when we are out an about knowing we have this beautiful invention for our pooches, so peeps keep the pooches kool this summer....cheers Rori 9/9/13 | 41

Dog Cooling Vest

Hello there just wanted to say a huge thank you!!! I just ordered the dog cooling vest as we live in Queensland as my dog suffers from the heat and if he doesn't swim after a walk he won't cool down for near 2 hours but today using the vest on his walk we were home for five minutes and no panting and so nice an cool to the touch!!! This has changed our lives as it was a real worry for me seeing him with mild heat stress and made it so hard finding the perfect time to walk him! So a huge thank you from all of us especially Jaspa ( the dog )... Sara B Qld. 15/11/12 | 38

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Silver Eagle Guarantee

Silver Eagle Outfitters offers 30-day satisfaction guarantee

guaranteeon each item we sell with the exception of any items listed below. We request that you please try on your product to verify the correct size prior to activating the product for cooling.

If the item is not the correct size or does not meet the needs of your application, we will either exchange your product or refund the cost of your item, less any associated freight costs. If the product is activated prior to returning it for an exchange or refund, we must charge a 25% restocking fee.

Additionally, if you find any defects with the make or function of your product within one full year of purchase, you may return it to us for an exchange or refund.