K9 Cooling Mats

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Item Size Price inc GST
XXS 41cm x 56cm (16" x 22") $56.60
XS 48cm x 71cm (19" x 28") $68.15
Small 56cm x 86cm (22" x 34") $79.70
Large 71cm x 109cm (28" x 43") $98.20
XL 106cm x 142cm (42" x 56") $150.00

CoolChampions K9 Cooling Mats


  • Outer shell is quilted, for protection from rips, snags
  • Durable water repellent nylon liner, (DWR) finish
  • Machine Washable

Evaporative Cooling Pet Blanket - keep your Dog Cool

Reduces Heat Stress in Dogs

Silver Eagle Cool Champions Evaporative Cooling Mat offers cooling relief without the use of gels or refrigerants, using instead the three-layer evaporative cooling material for which Silver Eagle Outfitters is known. Using regular tap water, the Cooling Mat is easily activated in a few minutes for hours of heat-relief for your dog and at the same time keeping your pet dry. The Cooling Mat can also be used over the animal as a cooling blanket.