Cooling Neck Ties

Cooling Neck Tie/headband

Cooling Neck Tie

Great for the heat, golf, boating, fishing, motorcycling, beach, outdoor events, sports, night sweats, migraines and anything where your body temperature may soar. Wear it around your neck like a tie or wrap it around your head. These are Gel filled.

Colours: Assorted Plain and Patterned
Size: 91.5cm long and 5cm wide
Price: $12.55 each, 2 for $22.00 or 24 for $250.80

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 cooling Neck Wrap

Cooling Neck Wrap - Ty-O-Te

Made with Silver Eagle's unique three-layer cooling fabric, the Ty-O-Te cooling neck wrap is a convenient solution to hot temps in any situation. Machine washable and lightweight, the neck cooler can be looped around the neck twice for ultimate cooling.

Colours: Royal Blue, Latte, Red, Pink, Purple, Aqua 
Size: One size - 7cm wide x 125cm long
Price: $35.00

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cooling Chamois

Chamois Neck Cooler

Shammy / Chamois Towels are made from an extremely micro-porous, reinforced, hi-tech polymer sponge material. Uses are: Swim Towel, Pet Towel, Exercise Towel Cooling Towel or a neck cooler. Simply wet and wring out.

Colours: Mint, Lemon, Lilac, Pink, Blue
Size: 58cm x 43cm
Price: $

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