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.... saturate before wearing!!

Cooling Neck Shades

Cooling Neck Shade

Add shade and active cooling protection to your headwear with our new Cooling Neck Shade. Made to attach to hardhats and ball caps, the neck shade drapes to the shoulders and offers full coverage over the ears.
Colours: Hi-Visibility Yellow
One size fits most

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Cooling neck wraps 

Cooling Neck Wrap - Ty-O-Te

Made with our unique three-layer cooling fabric, the Ty-O-Te cooling neck wrap is a convenient solution to hot temps in any situation. Machine washable and lightweight, the neck cooler can be looped around for stable placement where you want it to cool you most.
Colours: Royal Blue, Beige, Red, Purple, Aqua, Pink
One size - 7cm wide x 125cm long

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Coolz down neck ties

Cooling Neck Ties

Great for the heat, golf, boating, fishing, motorcycling, beach, outdoor events, sports, hot flashes, night sweats, migraines and anything where your body temperature may soar. Wear it around your neck like a tie or wrap it around your head as a head band.
Colours: Variety
One size

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PVA Chamois towel

Chamois Neck Cooler

Shammy / Chamois /Neck Coolers or Towels are made from an extremely microporous, reinforced, hi-tech polymer sponge material.  Uses are: Swim Towel, Pet Towel, Exercise Towel Cooling Towel or a Neck Cooler. Simply wet and wring out.
Colours: Mint, Lemon, Lilac, Pink, Blue
58cm x 43cm

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Kula Wide Brim Hat

The comfort benefits of the Kula wide-brim hat prove it worthy of its name. Like all Silver Eagle evaporative cooling products, when activated with water, the Kula is designed to work with nature to provide continuous, effective relief from high temperatures for two to four hours, depending on the climate and environmental conditions.

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