Aluminet Gazebo Canopy

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Silver Mesh Gazebo CanopyWorld Famous Aluminet "Cool Shade" is a highly reflective Aluminized Knitted Shade Fabric that provides significantly cooler shade by reducing heat build-up inside your marquee/gazebo, crate, patio or anywhere you require ventilated shade. 70% shade factor controls more air circulation and provides uniform shade.

Lightweight and easy to erect; Secured by stretch cord through eyelets at each corner, so nothing else is needed to attach to your Gazebo/Marquee frame.

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Product Description

Silver Shade Marquee/Gazebo Canopy

  • canvas reinforcement at peak
  • canvas reinforcement at each corner including eyelets
  • stretch cord and hooks to attach to frame of marquee
  • UV resistant, bright, reflective, and recyclable metalized HDPE screen.

Aluminet® Main Features:

  • UV resistant
  • Bright reflective double-side IR reflection
  • Lightweight and easy to attach
  • Recyclable metalized HDPE screen.

Quality Assured Product of Silver Eagle Outfitters Australia

Keeping your product clean

Hose it down!

Over time dust may reduce the reflectivity of the mesh

Rinse off with a hose or tub of water

Your Aluminet will look as good as new!

Silve Mesh Marquee Roof Sizes:

  1. 3.0m x 3.0m
  2. 2.4m x 2.4m compact

Silver Shade WallsThe shade walls which I purchased from you have worked brilliantly. I was especially happy with the amount of Velcro fasteners sewn into each wall. The fabric weave allowed plenty of fresh air to pass through whilst blocking the sun out completely. Thank you for an excellent product. ...Sarah from S.A.

Silver Eagle Guarantee

Silver Eagle Outfitters offers 30-day satisfaction guarantee

guaranteeon each item we sell with the exception of any items listed below. We request that you please try on your product to verify the correct size prior to activating the product for cooling.

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